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Dr Helen Wang

Memberships: RNS, ONS


Career Summary: Curator of East Asian Money, British Museum


Website: Chinese Money Matters

Twitter: @huobishi @helenwanglondon



Areas of interest/research: East Asia, Central Asia


Details of books/publications relating to your work on Money and Medals:

  • Catalogue of the Catalogue of the Japanese Coin Collection at the British Museum (co-authored with S. Sakuraki, P. Kornicki, N. Furuta, T. Screech, J. Cribb), British Museum Research Publication 174 (2010).

  • ‘China’, Survey of Numismatic Literature 2002-2007, International Numismatic Commission (co-authored with Zhou Weirong and Francois Thierry), (2009).

  • Chairman Mao Badges. Symbols and Slogans of the Cultural Revolution (2008, London: British Museum Research Publication 169).

  • ‘Official salaries and local wages at Juyan, north-west China, first century BCE to first century CE’ in Jan Lucassen (ed.), Wages and Currency: Global Comparisons from Antiquity to the Twentieth Century (2007, Bern: Peter Lang AG): 59-76.

  • ‘Transport of copper from Yunnan to Beijing, late eighteenth to early nineteenth century – the insider’s guide’, Revue Belge de Numismatique 152 (2006): 83-90.

  • Metallurgical Analysis of Chinese Coins at the British Museum, with Cowell, M., Cribb, J. and Bowman, S. (eds), (2005, London: British Museum Research Publication 152).

  • Money on the Silk Road: the Evidence from Eastern Central Asia to c. AD 800, including a catalogue of the coins collected by Sir Aurel Stein (2004, London: British Museum Press).

  • ‘How much for a camel? – a new understanding of money on the Silk Road before AD 800’ in Susan Whitfield (ed.), Silk Road - Trade, Travel, War and Faith (exhibition catalogue) (2004, London: British Library Publishing): 24-33.

  • ‘Mao on Money’, East Asia Journal vol.1, no.2 (2004): 86-97. Accessible on

  • ‘Korean Money’, in Portal, J. Korea: Art and Archaeology (2000, London: British Museum Press): 229-36

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  • ‘Coins and membership tokens of the Heaven and Earth Society’, Numismatic Chronicle 154 (1994): 167-190.





Curator of East Asian Money


British Museum, Great Russell Street, London, WC1B 3DG


email: hwang @