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Dr Ian Leins

Memberships: BNS (Director)


Awards/Prizes: AHRC Collaborative Doctoral Award 


Career Summary: Curator of Iron Age and Roman Coins; PAS Finds Advisor Iron Age and Roman Coins; HSBC Gallery Curator; Museum Assistant.


Areas of interest/research: 


Details of books/publications relating to your work on Money and Medals:

  • ‘The Pershore hoards and votive deposition in the Iron Age’, with D Hurst, in Proceedings of the Prehistoric Society 79 (2013), pp. 297-325.

  • ‘Fragments Reunited: Reconstructing the Iron Age Bedworth hoard’, in Numismatic Chronicle 171 (2011), pp. 81-86.

  • ‘The Coins’, in V. Score (ed.), Hoards, hounds and helmets: a conquest period ritual site at Hallaton, Leicestershire (Leicester Archaeology Monograph 21, 2011), pp. 39-60 and 175-277.

  • 'Coins in Context: Archaeology, Treasure and the Portable Antiquities Scheme', with Kelleher, R., in The British Museum and the Future of Numismatics. Proceedings of a conference held to mark the 150th anniversary of the British Museum's Department of Coins and Medals 2011, Edited by B. Cook (London: British Museum Press. 2011): 18-24.

  • Celtic Coinage’, with Nick, M. & Nieto-Pelletier, S., in M. Amandry & D. Bateson (eds.), A Survey of Numismatic Research 2002-2007 (Glasgow: IAPN, 2009)

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  • ‘Community, Politics and Sacrifice: The East Leicestershire hoard’ in British Archaeology, 89 (2006): 34-9

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  • Treasure Activity Book (London: British Museum Press, 2003)

  • Coin Hoards from Roman Britain XI, with R. Abdy and J. Williams, (London: Royal Numismatic Society Special Publications 36, 2002)



Curator of Iron Age and Roman Coins


British Museum, Great Russell Street, London, WC1B 3DG


email: ileins @

ian leins