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Dr Catherine Eagleton

Memberships:  ICOM, American Alliance of Museums, Royal African Society, British Institute in Eastern Africa


Career Summary: Curator of Modern Money (British Museum), Head of Asian and African Collections (British Library), Associate Director of Curatorial Affairs (National Museum of American History, Smithsonian).


Areas of interest/research: Global history, particularly of trade and money in the Indian Ocean and Africa, histories of collecting, and the material culture of science and technology.


Details of books/publications relating to your work on Money and Medals (selective, last 10 years):

  • C. Eagleton, ‘Currency and commodity, as symbol of sovereignty and as subject of legal dispute: Henri Greffulhe and the coinage of Zanzibar in the late 19th century’, in G. Campbell and S. Serels (eds), Indian Ocean Currencies (Palgrave: forthcoming 2019)

  • C. Eagleton, ‘Designing change: coins and the creation of new national identities’, in R. Craggs and C. Wintle (eds), Cultures of Decolonisation: transnational productions and practises, 1945-70 (Manchester University Press: 2016)

  • C. Eagleton, ‘Collecting America: Sarah Sophia Banks and the ‘Continental Dollar’ of 1776’, in Numismatic Chronicle (2014)

  • C. Eagleton, ‘Collecting African money in Georgian London: Sarah Sophia Banks and her collection of coins’, in Museum History Journal 6:1 (2013)

  • C. Eagleton and A. Manolopoulou (eds), Paper money of England and Wales (London: British Museum Online Research Catalogue, 2010)

  • C. Eagleton, H. Fuller and J. Perkins (eds), Money in Africa (London: British Museum Research Publications, 2009)

  • C. Eagleton, “Designs on decimal coins: Christopher Ironside,” in Designing Change: the art of coin design, ed. K. Clancy (Llantrisant: Royal Mint, 2008) pp. 22 to 37.

  • C. Eagleton, “More than just exhibitions of coins: the 21st-century money museum and its audiences,” Proceedings of the meeting of ICOMON in San José, Costa Rica, October 2005 (San José: Central Bank of Costa Rica, 2008)

  • C. Eagleton, and J. Williams (eds), Money: a history (London: British Museum Press, 2007)

  • C. Eagleton and R. Kelleher,  ‘1343 and all that: previously unnoticed documents relating to England’s new gold and silver coins’, British Numismatic Journal, 77 (2007).


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