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Dr Megan Gooch

Career Summary: 2005-2008 Spink Coin Department; 2008-2010 HSBC Money Gallery Development Curator, British Museum; 2010-2013 Mint Street Project Curator, Historic Royal Palaces


Memberships: BNS, BANS


Areas of interest/research: Viking and late Anglo-Saxon coins, the history of the English Mint, especially at the Tower, minting technology and assaying, medieval European coins


Details of books/publications relating to your work on Money and Medals:

  •  ‘Viking Kings, Political Power and Monetisation’, in Studies in Early Medieval Coinage, Volume II, ed. T. Abramson (Woodbridge: Boydell, 2011), pp. 113-21.

  •  ‘An Introduction to the Viking Coinage of York’, Newsletter: The Journal of the London  Numismatic Club, 8 (2010), 45-51.

  • ‘The Cross on Viking Coins’ The Newsletter of the Coordinating Committee for Numismatics in Britain, 48 (2009), 3.

  • ‘Notes on the Swordless St Peter Coinage’, Numismatic Circular, 115 (2007), 208.

  • ‘A Seventeenth Agnus Dei Penny of Aethelred II’, Numismatic Circular, 115 (2007), 308.


Curator: Mint Street Project


HM Tower of London

4b Casemates

Historic Royal Palaces



email: megan.gooch @

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