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Richard Abdy

Memberships: RNS


Awards/Prizes: Lhotka Prize 2002 (Romano-British Coin Hoards); Gilljam Prize for 3rd century numismatics 2010


Career Summary: Curator of Roman Coins; Museum Assistant.


Areas of interest/research: Later Roman Empire (2nd – 5th centuries AD) / Research for new, fully revised, edition of RIC Hadrian; British Museum online catalogue of the ‘Barbarian’ Successor Kingdoms to Rome (ed. with G. Williams)


Details of books/publications relating to your work on Money and Medals:

  • Abdy, R. ‘The Patching Hoard’ in (F. Hunter and K. Painter eds.) Late Roman silver and the end of the Empire: the Traprain Treasure in context (Edinburgh 2013), pp.107-115.

  • Abdy, R., ‘The Severans’ in (W. Metcalf ed.) The Oxford Handbook of Greek and Roman Coinage, pp.499-513, New York, OUP 2012.

  • Abdy, R., ‘Tetrarchy and the house of Constantine’ in (W. Metcalf ed.) The Oxford Handbook of Greek and Roman Coinage, pp.584-600, (+appendix, 663-5), New York, OUP 2012.

  • ‘The Coins’ in (A. Small ed.) Vagnari. Il villaggio, l’artigianato, la proprietà imperiale Vagnari. Bari (Edipuglia 2011).

  • The Gloucester Hoard and other coin hoards of the Britannic Empire; Coin Hoards from Roman Britain Vol. XIII,  with E. Besly and F. López-Sánchez (eds.), Wetteren (Moneta 2010).

  • ‘The Domitian coin from Chalgrove: a Gallic emperor returns to history’ in Antiquity Volume 83, issue 321, September 2009, pp. 751–757.

  • Coin Hoards from Roman Britain XII, with E. Ghey, C. Hughes and I. Leins (eds.), Wetteren (Moneta 2009).

  • ‘Roman Coins’ in ‘Green Lane, Wanborough: excavations at the Roman religious site 1999’ by D. Williams, in Surrey Archaeological Collections 93, (Guildford 2007), 228-33.

  • ‘In the pay of the Emperor: coins from the Beaurains (Arras) treasure’ in Constantine and Britain, E. Hartley et al (eds.), (London: Lund Humphries, 2006)

  • ‘After Patching: imported and recycled coinage in 5th-6th century Britain’ and ‘A catalogue of hoards and single finds from the British Isles c. 410-680’, with G. Williams, both in: B. Cook and G. Williams (eds.) Money and History in the North Sea World: Essays in honour of Marion Archibald (Leiden: Brill, 2005)

  • Romano-British Coin Hoards (Princes Risborough: Shire, 2002)

  • Coin Hoards from Roman Britain XI, with I. Leins and J. Williams (eds.), (London: Royal Numismatic Society Special Publications 36, 2002)

  • ‘A Survey of the Coin Finds from the Antonine Wall’ in: Britannia, xxxiii (2002): 189-217

Curator of Roman Coins


Department of Coins and Medals,

British Museum, Great Russell Street, London, WC1B 3DG


email: rabdy @