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Dr Rory Naismith

Memberships: BNS, RNS


Awards/Prizes: Blunt Prize; Nordbø Scholarship and Medal (Oslo)


Career Summary: Junior Research Fellow, Clare College, Cambridge


Areas of interest/research: Early medieval coinage and monetary history of England and its neighbours; cultural and historical context of currency.


Details of books/publications relating to your work on Money and Medals:

  • (editor) with Martin Allen and Elina Screen, Early Medieval Monetary History: Studies in Memory of Mark Blackburn, Studies in Early Medieval Britain (Aldershot: Ashgate) [forthcoming]

  • ‘Money’, in The Blackwell Encyclopedia of Anglo-Saxon England, ed. J. Blair, S. D. Keynes and M. Lapidge, 2nd ed. (Blackwell: Oxford) [forthcoming]

  • ‘Kings, Moneyers and Royal Imagery in the Late Eighth Century: Offa’s Coinage in Context’, in Anglo-Saxon England and the Visual Imagination, ed. S. Klein, J. Niles and J. Wilcox (Arizona Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies: Tempe, AZ) [forthcoming]

  • ‘Minting Places and Moneyers in Anglo-Saxon England and its Neighbours’, in Power and Place in Later Roman and Early Medieval Europe: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Governance and Civil Organization, ed. J. Carroll, A. Reynolds and B. Yorke (Boydell & Brewer: Woodbridge) [forthcoming]

  • ‘H. M. Chadwick and the Anglo-Saxon Monetary System’, in The Life and Writings of Hector Munro Chadwick, ed. M. Lapidge (Boydell & Brewer: Woodbridge) [forthcoming]

  • ‘Turpe lucrum? Wealth, Money and Coinage in the Millennial Church (c. 975–1125)’, in Morals, Mints, and the Use of Money in the Medieval Church, ed. G. M. Gasper and S. Gullbekk (Ashgate: Aldershot) [forthcoming]

  • ‘Prelude to Reform: Tenth-Century English Coinage in Perspective’, in Early Medieval Monetary History: Studies in Memory of Mark Blackburn, ed. M. Allen, R. Naismith and E. Screen (Aldershot: Ashgate) [forthcoming]

  • ‘East Anglia and its Coinage c. 675–917’, in East Anglia and Its North Sea World, ed. D. Bates, R. Liddiard and L. Marten (Woodbridge: Boydell & Brewer) [forthcoming]

  • ‘Peter’s Pence and Before: Numismatic Links between Anglo-Saxon England and Rome’, in England and Rome in the Early Middle Ages, ed. F. Tinti (Turnhout: Brepols) [forthcoming]

  • ‘Payments for Land and Privilege in Anglo-Saxon England’, Anglo-Saxon England 41 [forthcoming]

  • The English Monetary Economy c. 973–1100: the Evidence of Single-Finds’, Economic History Review, released online 12.4.2012 (DOI: 10.1111/j.1468-0289.2011.00650.x)

  • Money and Power in Anglo-Saxon England: the Southern English Kingdoms 757–865, Cambridge Studies in Medieval Life and Thought, 4th series, 80 (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2012)

  • ‘A Reference to the Location of a Mint in Norman Leicester’, British Numismatic Journal 82 (2012), 217–20

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  • (with Simon Keynes) ‘The Agnus Dei Pennies of King Æthelred the Unready’, Anglo-Saxon England 40 (2012), 175–223.

  • ‘Kings, Crisis and Coinage Reforms in the Mid-Eighth Century’, Early Medieval Europe 20 (2012), 291–332.

  • The Coinage of Southern England 796–865, British Numismatic Society Special Publication 8, 2 vols. (London: Spink, 2011)

  • ‘Numismatic Literature’, in De Gruyter Lexicon: Trends in Medieval Studies, ed. A. Classen, 3 vols.  (Berlin and New York: De Gruyter, 2011) II, 1956–62.

  • ‘Numismatics’, in De Gruyter Lexicon: Trends in Medieval Studies, ed. A. Classen, 3 vols. (Berlin and New York: De Gruyter, 2011) II, 1007–22.

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  • ‘Tribrach Pennies of Eadberht “Præn” and Eadwald’, British Numismatic Journal 78 (2008), 216–22.

  • ‘A New Moneyer for Egbert of Wessex’s West Saxon Mint’, Numismatic Circular 116 (2008), 192–4.

  • ‘An Eighteenth-Century Single-Find of Offa from Regensburg?’, Numismatic Circular 116 (2008), 115–16.

  • ‘An Offa You Can't Refuse? Eighth-Century Mercian Titulature on Coins and in Charters’, Quæstio Insularis 7 (2006), 89–118.

  • ‘Islamic Coins from Early Medieval England’, Numismatic Chronicle 165 (2005), 193–222.

  • ‘A Hoard of Byzantine Copper Coins Ending with the Last Year of Maurice’, Numismatic Chronicle 164 (2004), 296–9.

Leverhulme Early Career Research Fellow


Department of Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Celtic

9 West Road




email: rn242 @