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Steve Minnitt

Memberships: FSA, BNS


Career Summary: Career largely with Somerset County Museums Service beginning as Assistant Keeper of Archaeology and rising to present position


Areas of interests - Roman numismatics and the coins, tokens and medals of Somerset. Current research - production, supply and circulation of counterfeit coin in England in the first half of the 19th century.


Details of books/publications relating to your work on Money and Medals:

  • Minnitt, S, Durnell, J and Gunstone, A, 1985, Somerset Public House Tokens 

  • Minnitt, S and Young, D, 1990, Tickets, Checks and Passes from the County of Somerset

  • Series of hoards published in CHRB:

  • CHRB VIII (1988) Bland, R and Minnitt, S, Holway, Somerset

  • CHRB IX (1992) Downside, Somerset

  • CHRB IX (1992) Shipham, Somerset

  • CHRB X (1997) Blackmoor, Hampshire (addenda)

  • CHRB XI (2002) Abdy, R and Minnitt, S, Shapwick Villa, Somerset

  • CHRB XII (2009) West Bagborough, Somerset

  • Minnitt, S, 1993 'A hoard of counterfeit Louis XI coins from Taunton, Somerset' in Metallurgy in Numismatics volume 3

  • In addition there is a series of coin reports within excavation reports, largely relating to Somerset, and short notes on coin and token finds from the county which are probably not worth listing for current purposes



Head of Museums and curator of archaeology


Somerset County Council Heritage Service

Brunel Way

Langford Mead

Norton Fitzwarren

Taunton TA2 6SF  


email: scminnitt @