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Scarborough Museums Trust

Woodend Creative Workspace

The Crescent


North Yorkshire

YO11 2PW


tel: +44 (0)1723 384510/384506




email: [email protected]



Contact details: Jennifer Dunne – Collections Manager


Date of visit: 8 September 2015


Nature and extent of collection


2,683 pieces. Extensive and comprehensive collection of coins and medals with specific strengths in Roman, European and British coinage.



All numbers below are estimated


Greek coins: 1

Roman coins: 266

British coins: 1914 (this includes all monarchs, early medieval, medieval and post-medieval)

British tokens: 76

European coins: 413

Asian coins: 3 (Japan) 3 (China) 17 (India)

African coins: 12

American coins: 14

Modern money: 861

Medals (commemorative or military): 11 (war) 40 (military) 19 (commemorative)

Paranumismatica: 76 (token), 142 (counter), 57 (ticket)

Other: 3 (money box), 3 (cowrie shell), 6 (badge)

Specific strengths: We have a large collection of Georgian coins but we also have a good Roman collection, including a collection of Roman gold coins, together with a Tudor silver hoard.


Library: 19, mostly English, volumes on subjects such as Roman coinage, hammered coins, bronze coins.





Database used: KE EMu


Proportion of collection on database: Around 30%


How much detail in database entries? Key SPECTRUM fields at the moment as we are compiling a basic inventory of the collections and will then return to catalogue in more detail at a later date.


Are images incorporated? Only two at the moment as photographing the numismatics collection has not begun yet.


Is the database accessible to the public? No.


Is the database publicly accessible online? Not yet but we are working towards making the Scarborough Collections available online.





Are there permanent numismatic displays? No.


Is numismatic material incorporated into more general displays? Yes.


Is there a facility for temporary exhibitions? Yes, we have a rolling temporary exhibitions programme at Scarborough Art Gallery, with exhibitions changing every three months.


Have there been numismatic exhibitions in the past? If so, what? No.



Access to the collection


Is there a study facility? Yes, we have a search room.


Is equipment (balances, magnifying glasses, etc.) provided? Yes, equipment can be provided.



Public engagement with numismatic collection


Is there a handling collection? No.


Are numismatic collections used in Education sessions? No.


Do numismatic collections feature in gallery talks, lectures? We do run store tours and Collections Close-Up sessions, which sometimes involve the numismatics collection.


Are there other engagement activities based around numismatic collections? No.



ID and public enquiries


Does the museum offer a service for identifying objects and other public enquiries? Yes, we have an enquiry form on our website and also people can contact members of the collections team directly.



Curatorial knowledge


Is there any numismatic expertise in-house? If so, who, and in what areas? No.


Is there access to external expertise? If so, who and in what areas? Yes, we have contact with Andrew Woods, Curator of Numismatics at York Museums Trust.


If there is expertise in-house, is there a willingness/capacity to share that with other museums? N/A

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