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Money and Medals Network | Department of Coins and Medals, British Museum, Great Russell Street, London, WC1B 3DG

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A key aim of the Network is to support access to numismatic collections by providing a database of UK collections. We provide summary collections information on all our partner institutions' holdings, from the national museums down to smaller, local collections. The process is in its initial stages and results are accessible through the map.


Click on the region you're interested in to go to the index of affiliate and partner institutions.

  • Inverness Museum & Art Gallery

  • National Maritime Museum

  • Whitby Museum

  • Derby Museum and Art Gallery

  • Ashmolean Museum, Oxford

  • Corbridge Museum

  • Trowbridge Museum

  •  University of Warwick

  •  Museum on the Mound

  •  Michael Faraday Museum at the Royal Institution

        Bradford Museums & Galleries

        National Media Museum

        Museum of the Order of St John

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