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Collections Databases


MANTIS, American Numismatic society (, aprox. 600,000, variable records, browsable and searchable


British Museum ( aprox. 420,000, variable quality of records, searchable but not browsable


Fitzwilliam Museum ( 48,000


Yale University Art Gallery (, 40,000, mostly Greek and Roman


Museum of Victoria, Australia ( 12,000, the entire token collection and a significant number of coins and medals


National Conservation Institute, Kromeriz, Czech Republic ( 10,127 coins, mostly Czech coins with a straightforward search function


National Maritime Museum (, aprox 6000, mostly medals


Museo Arqueologico Nacional ( Spanish, Spanish American, and Greek


Staatliche Museen zu Berlin (, over 3,500, very high standard of records


Powerhouse Museum, Australia (, aprox. 4000, varied including both ancient and modern


Museum of London (


Money Museum, Zurich (, 2500, very nice interface and integration with the rest of the website


Macquarie University ( aprox. 2400, Roman/Italian with prototype interface


Kunsthistorisches Museum ( I thought the coins were not on but according to Wigg there are c.2000 (I can only find a few pieces)


Santander Museum ( very wizzy browsable interface of Spanish coins in the collection


Museum of Fine Arts, Boston ( aprox, 700, Greek and Roman (see also Perseus in the Portals section)


University of Virgina Art Museum  ( aprox 600, mostly Greek and Roman


Hunterian Museum ( aprox. 500, most without images


Princeton University ( A few hundred coins but it is hard to establish how many exactly


Western Australian Museum (, a database of coins found in shipwrecks from the Australian coast


Vatican Museum ( claims to have its Parthian and part of its Papal material online but I couldn’t get the interface to work


Smithsonian Museum (, aprox. 350, mostly modern American


McMaster University ( aprox. 300, very bad database design, Roman


Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya ( 160, varied


Hermitage Museum, ( less than 100 records


National Museum of Austrlia ( don’t know


GeldMuseum, Netherlands ( can’t work out how to use


Museo Nazionale delle Terme and the Museo Capitolino included within the NUMISDAT database (


Project Databases


Portable Antiquities Scheme (, 260,000 pre-modern coins from hoards and stray finds in England and Wales


NUMIS ( 125,000 The Netherlands finds administered at the Geldmuseum in Utrecht


Fundmünzen der Römischen Zeit in Österreich dFMRÖ for Austria and Romania ( about 70,000 coins according to the website, the interfaces are not easy


Roman Provincial Coinage Online (, 47,000, Antonine period only – the thought that there are 47,000 Antonine Provincial coins is phenomenal in itself. Hosted by but not the Ashmolean.


Fundmunzen/NUMISDAT ( – now defunct-not sure how to assess this

Coin Project, aprox. 50,000 coins, mostly Greek and Roman, seems to draw mostly on SNG volumes and auction sales


Department of Archaeology and Museums, Government of Rajasthan (, the interface is very bad and classifications are confusing but the quantity of material online is very impressive




Roman Imperial Coinage (


Parthian Coins (, aprox. 3200 coins, all Parthian, browsable by Ruler or searchable by catalogue number. The Parthia site also acts as a portal to other institutions collections.


Shelby White and Leon Levy Centre for National Treasures in Israel (, a few hundred, mostly from excavations


Polymer Notes (, Modern. Details of the worlds polymer banknotes, browsable but not searchable


Denmark coin finds (, I've had no personal success using the interface


User Contribution Databases


Zeno, ( aprox. 120,000 coin. Oriental, mostly user contribution and all with images. Browsable but not searchable


Tantalus ( aprox. 100,000 coins, mostly Roman, supplemented by auction records


NGC Registry (, modern American, limited photos, no search facility


The Virtual Roman Catalogue ( search facility is poor



Coin Archive ( aprox 500,000 ancient records and a million modern, collated from auction catalogues


Ancient Coins Search ( aprox 520,000 coins, drawn from the same auctions as Coin Archive


Wild Winds ( approx 65,000 coins, derived mostly from publications supplemented by some auction and user contribution


SIRPAC ( aprox. 9000 coins, from institutions in the NE of Italy, as far as I can tell these institutions do not maintain their own catalogues.


OCRE ( approx. 10,000 from RIC but all ANS


Perseus ( about 1100 coins from three collections, even though Bowdoin is online I couldn’t find their records through their own site but you can get the Museum of Fine Arts Boston Collection from their own site 

Compiled by Robert Bracey

Additions welcome, please message via the contact page.