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Lectures and events

This page lists lectures and events related to numismatics. If you would like to see details of events your society is hosting listed here then please get in touch via the contact page.

Ashmolean Museum. Hands-On Coins

Room 7 Every Saturday, 11.30–3.30

Handle historical coins from different times and

places, with the help of our volunteer team. Free,

no booking necessary.


27         British Numismatic Society | Frida Pellegrino, “Coin Circulation and Urbanism in Roman Britain until the Third

            Century AD”



3           Reading Coin Club | Chris Comber, 'The Irish Harp Coinage of Henry VIII'

4           London Numismatic Club | David Powell, 'Numismatic Recycling: Second Careers for Retired Coins and Tokens'

5           Havering Numismatic Society | Gerry Buddle, 'Refreshing change'

6           British Museum Lunchtime Talk | Amelia Dowler, 'From intrinsic value to token: changes in coins since antiquity',  

            13.15–14.00, Room 68, free, just drop in

10         British Art Medal Society | Jesper Ericsson, 'Moments in history:  William Hunter’s British medals'

15         Lancashire and Cheshire Numismatic Society | Mike Robinson, 'Foreign Powers in Italy c1500-1800 and their coins'

17         Norwich Coin and Medal Society | Bill Kennett, 'Islamic Coins'

18         Royal Numismatic Society | (1) Thomas J. Derrick and Matthew Ball, 'Coin stamping on Roman glass perfume bottles:    

            imperial largesse, taxation, or maker’s marks?'; (2) Michael Economou, 'The Coinage of the First Jewish Revolt: Context and


20         Worthing Numismatic Society | Graham Dyer, 'Winston Churchill Remembered - The 1965 Memorial Crown'

21         British Museum Lunchtime Talk | Barrie Cook, 'Elizabeth I and her coins', 13.15–14.00, Room 46, free, just drop in

22         British Numismatic Society | LINECAR LECTURE: Christine Desan, 'Money as a Revolutionary Medium: from the Protests

            of Peasants to the Rights of Creditors', to be held at Spink & Son, London

27         International Banknote Society | Nigel Vincent “German ‘Stoffgeld’ notes” Spink & Son, London

28         Essex Numismatic Society | Philippa Walton, 'Objects of Devotion? Thinking about coin use at Roman Temples and Shrines'



3          Ormskirk and West Lancashire Numismatic Society | Megan Gooch, 'The mint at the Tower of London'

7          Bexley Coin Club | Kevin Clancy, 'Chief Coin of the World - A History of the Gold Sovereign'

7          Reading Coin Club | Stephen Alexander, 'Fakes and Forgeries - Ancient and Modern'

7          South Wales & Monmouthshire Numismatic Society | Roland Mumford, 'Roman Provincial Silver Coins'

8          Crewe and District Coin and Medal Society | Steve Bentley, 'English Milled Shillings'

14        British Art Medal Society |  Darren McFarlane, 'From bone ash to bronze – reconstructing the methods of 16th century sand

            cast medals'

15        Royal Numismatic Society | Simon Glenn, Coins and Power in Hellenistic Bactria: the pedigree’ issues of Agathocles and

            Antimachus I

16         Ipswich Numismatic Society | John Cross, 'Recent Saxon Coin Hoards'

17         Worthing Numismatic Society | Brian Arthur, 'Some Interesting Halfcrowns - Part Two - The Milled Series'

19         Lancashire and Cheshire Numismatic Society | Dave Millington, 'The coins of the Bar Kokhba Revolt'

21         Norwich Coin and Medal Society | Alan Gidney, 'The Roman Empire, Tiberius to Nero'

22         Anniversary Meeting and Presidential Address: Roger Bland, “Hoards and hoarding in Britain V:the Transition from the

            Iron Age to the Roman Period” (Followed by the Anniversary Reception for members and their guests.) Spink & Son

24         International Banknote Society | Banknote Quiz plus club dinner Spink & Son, London

25         Essex Numismatic Society | TBA

28         Cambridgeshire Numismatic Society | Ted Buttrey, 'TBC'



5           Bexley Coin Club | Edward Colgan, 'The Early Numismatic History of Australia - 1788-1910'

13         Crewe and District Coin and Medal Society | AGM followed by Member’s Short Talks

20         Royal Numismatic Society | Pere Pau Ripollès, 'The Iberian coinages, 6th-1st century BC'. Presentation of the Medal,

            Christmas Party



9           Reading Coin Club | Short Talks by club members

11         Worthing Numismatic Society | David Powell, 'British Lead Tokens'

23         Cambridgeshire Numismatic Society | Gary Oddie, ‘Engraved coins: tokens of love, life and loss’



6           Reading Coin Club | TBA (Tokens and Passes)

8           Birmingham Numismatic Society | Coins, Ancient & Modern

15         Ipswich Numismatic Society | A talk on a classical theme - Speaker TBA

27         Cambridgeshire Numismatic Society | Arn Dekker, ‘270 years of peace medals’



15         Ipswich Numismatic Society | Graham Dyer, 'The Churchill Crown'



3            Reading Coin Club | Kevin CLancy, TBA (Royal Mint)

7-9        BANS Spring Congress 2017

24          Cambridgeshire Numismatic Society | Richard Kelleher, ‘The Dollar: the rise of a global currency’