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Expertise in Chinese and East Asian Numismatics

There are collections of East Asian coins at several museums in the UK, including the British Museum (London), the Fitzwilliam Museum (Cambridge), the Ashmolean Museum (Oxford), and the Manchester Museum. There are also smaller collections, for example, at the Pitt-Rivers Museum (Oxford). There is limited curatorial expertise on East Asian coins, and it is important to mention the expertise of those not attached to a museum or a university. There is substantial international co-operation on a personal level, through specialist websites and through the Oriental Numismatic Society.


Dr Helen Wang, British Museum


Dr Helen Wang (British Museum)

Joe Cribb (ex-British Museum)


Non-curatorial expertise (based in the UK)

David Hartill (author of Cast Chinese Coins, 2005)

Oriental Numismatic Society 



Yahoo group “Ancient Chinese Coins” (discussion forum and source of illustrations)


Yan bronze spade money (481-221 BCE)

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