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Expertise in Roman Numismatics

In Britain there are major collections of ancient coins, including Roman coins, in the numismatic sections of the national antiquities museums at London, Cardiff and Edinburgh. Major collections of specifically Romano-British coins from archaeologically productive areas are held at the Museum of London, Bath (Roman Baths Museum), Colchester Castle Museum, Norwich Castle Museum, York (Yorkshire Museum), and Newcastle (Great North Museum). Curatorial specialists are based at the British Museum itself as well as the following non-national, numismatic collections: Oxford (Ashmolean), Cambridge (Fitzwilliam), Glasgow (Hunterian), and the Manchester Museum. University teaching is also undertaken at the principal universities of these cities and also in London and Cardiff. Warwick University has recently expanded its numismatic section.


Richard Abdy, Curator of Roman Coins (British Museum)


Silver quinarius of Julius Caesar

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