Northern Ireland

This section covers the museums of Northern Ireland.

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Armagh County Museum

They say 'County Armagh’s history stretching back some 6000 years forms the main part of our permanent exhibition, as well as important archaeological objects there are more recent items from the recent past.'


Armagh Observatory

They say 'The Armagh Observatory has an important function to promote, preserve, and widen access to its library, archives and museum collection, which represents a very signicant component of Northern Ireland’s scientic heritage.'


Armagh Public Library

They say 'Armagh Public Library, the oldest library in Northern Ireland, was founded in 1771 by Archbishop Richard Robinson as part of his plans to establish a university and to improve Armagh City.'


Craigavon Museum Services

They say 'Craigavon Museum Services offers a range of services at each of its three facilities. The museum service achieved accredited status in 2008. The objectives of Craigavon Museum Services are to collect, conserve, interpret and exhibit those artifacts which illustrate the social and industrial history of the Craigavon area in order to promote understanding and enjoyment of Craigavon’s heritage.'


Milford House Museum

They say 'Milford House was once the talk of 19th century Ireland, the wonder of its age and Milford linen was known throughout the world. Today the factory is gone, Milford House derelict and is one of the top twelve listed buildings at risk in Northern Ireland, but this doesn't mean it has been forgotten about. Now thanks to the dedicated work of the Milford Buildings Preservation Trust, Milford is once again world famous and the Mc Crum family legacy is being recognized as being of national importance.'


Royal Irish Fusiliers Regimental Museum

They say 'The collection contains the uniforms, medals, regalia and the two Victoria Crosses won by the Regiment. The Regimental archive and library may be viewed by appointment.'





National Museums Northern Ireland

They say 'Across four unique sites, we care for and present the inspirational collections that reflect the creativity, innovation, history, culture and people of Northern Ireland.'