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Contact details: Frances McIntosh


Date of visit: 27th March 2013


Nature and extent of collection


Around 10,000 pieces. The museum holds the reserve collections from Corbridge, Housesteads and the Clayton Collection.



All numbers below are estimated


Iron Age coins: Possibly some yet to be catalogued in the collection

Roman coins: Corbridge 6,500; Clayton 3000; Housesteads 800

British coins: Possibly some yet to be catalogued in the collection

Specific strengths: Roman coinage.


Library: around 200 volumes including Britannia, Archaeologia Aeliana and many off-prints. Specific strengths in Roman Britain, Roman artefacts and Hadrian’s Wall.





Database used: MODES, with a view to transfer to HOMS


Proportion of collection on database: 100%


How much detail in database entries? Most of the coin identification information is inputted to the database record.


Are images incorporated? For some of the collection with an aim to make this 100%


Is the database accessible to the public? Not yet.


Is the database publicly accessible online? What is the URL if so? Not yet. This is something we are working towards through English Heritage's Collections Online Project.





Are there permanent numismatic displays? There are no specific numismatic-only displays.


Is numismatic material incorporated into more general displays? Yes - at all three sites.


Is there a facility for temporary exhibitions? Yes.


Have there been numismatic exhibitions in the past? If so, what? No.



Access to the collection


Is there a study facility? Yes.


Is equipment (balances, magnifying glasses, etc.) provided? Yes, some equipment is provided.



Public engagement with numismatic collection


Is there a handling collection? Yes. There is a generic one which includes some replica coins at Housesteads. There is also now an education handling collection based at Corbridge which includes some replica coins.


Are numismatic collections used in Education sessions? No.


Do numismatic collections feature in gallery talks, lectures? No.


Are there other engagement activities based around numismatic collections? No.



ID and public enquiries


Does the museum offer a service for identifying objects and other public enquiries? Yes.



Curatorial knowledge


Is there any numismatic expertise in-house? If so, who, and in what areas? Frances McIntosh has experience with coins of all periods from her work with PAS.


Is there access to external expertise? If so, who and in what areas? Specialist numismatists are used to identify our Roman coins.


If there is expertise in-house, is there a willingness/capacity to share that with other museums? Yes.

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