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Contact details: Ellie Miles; Rosamund West


Date of visit: 30 July 2018


Nature and extent of collection


41,067 pieces. Numismatic collection related to the history of London Transport, including medals, tokens, tickets, badges and associated objects.



All numbers below are estimated


Medals (commemorative or military): 101

Paranumismatica: 41,191 tickets in total including:

36 Tokens

52 medallions

Other: 631 badges: (label, cap, enamel and name badges)

1 money box

43 cash bags




Specific strengths: Medals, tickets and badges.


Library: N/A





Database used: LTM Information Management System. Museum Index+ system supplied by System Simulation Ltd.


Proportion of collection on database: N/A


How much detail in database entries? Record completeness varies. For example, some legacy records have a basic ‘summary’ with no images, others are more fully catalogued with images/s. All new records catalogued as per LTMs cataloguing standards for each collection type.


Are images incorporated? Around 30% of records include images.


Is the database accessible to the public? 268,553 records currently online. Some IMS records are withheld for copyright or GDPR reasons.


Is the database publicly accessible online? Yes:























Are there permanent numismatic displays? No,.


Is numismatic material incorporated into more general displays? Yes, a small amount of numismatic material is incorporated into more general displays.


Is there a facility for temporary exhibitions? Yes.


Have there been numismatic exhibitions in the past? If so, what? No.



Access to the collection


Is there a study facility? Yes.


Is equipment (balances, magnifying glasses, etc.) provided? Yes.



Public engagement with numismatic collection


Is there a handling collection? Yes.


Are numismatic collections used in Education sessions? No.


Do numismatic collections feature in gallery talks, lectures? Not usually.


Are there other engagement activities based around numismatic collections? No.



ID and public enquiries


Does the museum offer a service for identifying objects and other public enquiries? Yes, we have our duty curator service for collections enquiries.



Curatorial knowledge


Is there any numismatic expertise in-house? If so, who, and in what areas? No.


Is there access to external expertise? If so, who and in what areas? Yes, ticketing volunteers.


If there is expertise in-house, is there a willingness/capacity to share that with other museums? N/A

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Copyright © London Transport Museum 2017

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