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Contact details: Julia Walton; Paramdip Khera


Date of visit: 14 March 2017


Nature and extent of collection


Relatively small collection of coins, medals and banknotes based on 19th Century collections and subsequent acquisitions. The collection also contains some tokens and badges and a number of Harrow School-related objects, including a collection of Japanese Replica Coins.



All numbers below are estimated


Greek coins: 19, most likely electrotypes

Roman coins: A large collection mostly comprised of copper alloy radiates and nummi but with some sestertii and dupondii

British coins: Yes, a small collection

British tokens: Yes, a relatively small collection of mostly Georgian tokens

Eurpoean coins: Yes, a small collection of modern coins from countries such as Italy, Belgium and France

Asian coins: Yes, a large collection of Japanese Replica Coins produced by a company called ‘Kuhn and Komor’ as collectables for Western travellers

Middle Easterm coins: Yes, including a small collection of glass weights

American coins: Yes

Modern and paper money: Chinese banknotes, modern British banknotes, 3 commemorative coins of Winston Churchill, modern commemorative coins

Medals (commemorative or military): Yes, a small collection of commemorative medals depicting artists and architects, medals relating to Lord Byron, jubilee medals, 8 Harrow School-related prize medals in presentation boxes, the medals of Sir Ambrose Dundas Flux Dundas

Paranumismatica: 1 cowrie shell, 1 Harrow-related 2012 London Olympics badge

Specific strengths: Roman coins, medals


Library: There are currently no numismatic books in the museum library but we seek to acquire some in the future. We have access to some general coin identification books in the Harrow School library.





Database used: Adlib


Proportion of collection on database: N/A - we plan to sort and fully catalogue the numismatic collection in the future.


How much detail in database entries? N/A


Are images incorporated? N/A


Is the database accessible to the public? N/A


Is the database publicly accessible online? No.





Are there permanent numismatic displays? No.


Is numismatic material incorporated into more general displays? Yes.


Is there a facility for temporary exhibitions? Yes.


Have there been numismatic exhibitions in the past? If so, what? Yes, there is a display of Chinese currency in our current exhibition 'Japanese Prints and Chinese Ceramics' and we had a display of British Art Medal Society medals in the recent past.



Access to the collection


Is there a study facility? Yes.


Is equipment (balances, magnifying glasses, etc.) provided? Yes.



Public engagement with numismatic collection


Is there a handling collection? Yes, but it does not currently feature any numismatic objects.


Are numismatic collections used in Education sessions? Yes, numismatic projects can form part of the education of some of the students at Harrow School.


Do numismatic collections feature in gallery talks, lectures? Not currently, but this is being factored into future plans for the museum.


Are there other engagement activities based around numismatic collections? No.



ID and public enquiries


Does the museum offer a service for identifying objects and other public enquiries? No.



Curatorial knowledge


Is there any numismatic expertise in-house? If so, who, and in what areas? Yes, museum volunteer Paramdip Khera has numismatic expertise.


Is there access to external expertise? If so, who and in what areas? Yes, we have links with the British Museum, the Ashmolean Museum and other intstitutions.


If there is expertise in-house, is there a willingness/capacity to share that with other museums? Yes.